I'm a designer who involve in interior/exhibition design. But it is not stopping me to explore other aspect of design such as Fashion/ Furniture/ Products/ Architecture.
Well...This blog is talking about my hidden desire, maybe addiction in fashion (mostly). Pretty tricky when you are in love with Fashion (i guess), it can be your aspiration or just a temptation.
Definetely I would prefer it can and will be my 'aspiration' n lead me to another achievement in my history some day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My eyes on Valentino Retrosprective Exhibition @ RSW, Sentosa

Some Black & White Collections

Some Red Collections
Some of his Coat Collections

           My favorite collections of his

Outfit on that day (romantic & feminine) (Lace layer top from BYSI; Nude pencil skirt from Korea; Random brand Bag; Brown Clogs; Diva ring )

I got free ticket from my Bf for Valentino's Exhibition. After I reached and just mentioned my Bf name and they allow me and my friends to enter the exhibition, such an honour..lol. thanks to my "Mr D".

Well, I love the interior space. It collaborate well with every art piece and every details are very important. Detail is beauty.
I adore Mr. Valentino for his consitent translation of his philosophy into every of his artworks.
He adores Woman's beauty so much and I love him too..=)

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