I'm a designer who involve in interior/exhibition design. But it is not stopping me to explore other aspect of design such as Fashion/ Furniture/ Products/ Architecture.
Well...This blog is talking about my hidden desire, maybe addiction in fashion (mostly). Pretty tricky when you are in love with Fashion (i guess), it can be your aspiration or just a temptation.
Definetely I would prefer it can and will be my 'aspiration' n lead me to another achievement in my history some day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's all about stripes





(source: google, yahoo, fashionising, bloggers)

For me, stripes is one of the pattern that create an illusion. Not only in fashion, also in 3D space, 2D design, furniture, etc.
Let's talk stripes in fashion then... honestly i prefer n love vertical stripes rather than horizontal. I guess the reason is simply common for every girls, coz horizontal stripes tend to double-up your body size (maybe it doesn't matter not for skinny-slimy lucky girls). Well since stripes is one of the trend for this year, horizontal stripes doesn't stop me to do my style experiment (soon)..lol.
well, i still prefer thick horizontal stripes for my body size for NOW. =)
And hoping to get diagonal stripes clothing too..ahaha..

Monday, March 21, 2011

yummy early-Dinner Dating

am I look like Bag Seller??lol

some Unwanted-captured photos.. look semi-paparazzi, aren't they? lol

. Blazer+Jumpsuit+Shoes//LB . Bag//Korea Online shop . Ring//Amrita Singh . Belt//Unbrand .

Starting fill our tummy with yummy foods @ charly's t =)
creative & smart DIY chandelier from wine glasses as the restaurant's ceiling feature.
waiting for the food while being narcist..hohoho

Their wraps is the best + the healthy multi-grain sandwich biscuit ice-cream..worth to die for!!

very rare of me to wear pink colour. But for this spring, I love to give it myself a try to explore bright colour mood, i guess..emmm.

Escape from my hectic working time and having dinner date with my love one, kinda blush my day. Love this vintage jumpsuit that I just bought from lovebonito and can’t wait to wear it.=)

This is one of my favorite blog-shop in town. I just realized that I wore all almost LB’s items that day. 

Just drop by to their website for window shopping or to purchase.
Good quality, material and affordable price for sure!! (Advertising mode..lol)