I'm a designer who involve in interior/exhibition design. But it is not stopping me to explore other aspect of design such as Fashion/ Furniture/ Products/ Architecture.
Well...This blog is talking about my hidden desire, maybe addiction in fashion (mostly). Pretty tricky when you are in love with Fashion (i guess), it can be your aspiration or just a temptation.
Definetely I would prefer it can and will be my 'aspiration' n lead me to another achievement in my history some day.

Friday, October 7, 2011


dress.cotton-on // leather jacket.... // stocking.gifted // leather dark-brown bag.FEP

this is one of my delayed post (again) for my week-end outfit but i think it pefectly matched with the topic of AUTUMN season, isn't it?
/dull grey + brown + black = autumn color chart /

become a designer (exhibition) in Singapore, kinda hard to grab daily proper outfit since you sit-down all day long infront of your computer...sigh... need help!!

!! have my passion burn and my addiction on fire !!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

crochet with new POSE-s

top.crochet // inner top.leopard-tank ZARA // bottom.flare-pants // shoes.clogs 

to show you my weird pose-s. the fact is the guy behind the camera is off-duty from become my personal cameraman for 2 years..so i'm learning to use 10sec self-timer now-days plus experimenting new signature pose of mine.The true fact is it's much easier to get inspiration when you stand in front of mirror actually,  especially when you are alone in your own room..LOL..
sounds silly but i'm doing it now and i amazed + more satisfied...hahaha...
have you done that too? teach me how if you know!
anyway...i love this outfit so much, i may say casualvintage-chic?